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An arm’s length, walk tall, speak softly with a big stick and Brinkmanship approach is my American Foreign Policy.

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American Military

America needs a strong, fully functional and ready military machine.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

We are about 2 steps from boots on the ground War with Russia.

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Socialist agenda to control you and rob you of your full potential

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The right to keep and bear arms

It is your right, your God given right. The second amendment is the law.

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The constitution

Our founding fathers did a good job

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Secure Borders

Sheriffs and Border agents tell me eye opening stuff. (Read More)


American is a nation of immigrants  (Read More)

Drug problem illegal and big Pharm

Illegal drugs bring crime to your front door, thank you Brandon!

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The American Dream of home ownership

American youth need a hand up

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The housing crisis

The ever growing gap in supply and demand

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School mass shootings

Our schools left vulnerable

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New transportation & commuting Interstate system;

The trucking industry is vital to our way of life, traffic congestion is terrible in many cities and is getting worse.

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Love one another

Love one another is straight forward (Read More)

Stimulus checks and a free ride

Handouts actually rob people of their full potential, (self-actualization).  (Read More)


A little is good, too much is bad.

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One bill one topic

Pork belly gives me a tummy ache

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The media in America needs to report the truth… period (Read More)

Judicial responsibility

America’s judicial system needs to be more functional (Read More)


Education is paramount to America’s survival and to her prosperity. Our youth are falling behind, our STEM scores are low and China's are high....a cause to be alarmed.

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Health care AFFORDABILITY crisis

Many Americans (including myself in the past) have no medical insurance.

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No mask mandate, no vaccine mandate, personal choice.

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Service not Career politicians;

I am the reluctant candidate and I am not a politician (Read More)


Stop buying China’s goods! we are enabling & building the very war machine that could one day be pointed at us!

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I am Prolife, this is about one thing..... (Read More)

Defund the Police mentality

Those folks that believe in this really should do the math

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National debt & balanced budget

America’s debt is out of control (Read More)

Gas-Oil-Fossil Fuel-Electric cars

We need to move around and keep those truckers rolling!

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Government Waste

Lots of Federal Agencies need eliminated. (Read More)

America's dividedness

United we stand, divided we fall. (Read More)

Defund wasteful Federal agencies

Defund many useless and wasteful Federal agencies (Read More)


American ports of entry are passages through our borders, thus a security concern. (Read More)


Biden kicks the can.  (Read More)

Article V Constitution Convention

Our founding fathers did a good job, including a provision to amend the constitution when in such times, as we find ourselves now, that the congressional branch of our United States government has proven itself woefully ineffective.

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We the people-get involved!

What can YOU do? what can American citizens do to help fix the over dauting brokenness of our country? (Read More)

Election integrity

It is not who you vote for that wins an election, it is who counts the votes. (Read More)

My Plan A

Montana and America face many problems, the cure for these start with YOU taking a vital action step to enact the wisest invention ever devised, "by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self-government, and for it's preservation" (Thomas Jefferson).

I present you with my simple plan and tasks to get you the results that you are looking for and to unite America.



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HEUER's vision for the Future of America..LEADERSHIP

Without foresight and vision all that is left is reaction, I have a better idea. (Read More)

Welfare and hand outs

A do gooder will tell you that their gift is helping not believe them (Read More)

United we stand, divided we fall

Unification has broad, lasting and positive outcomes. (Read More)

SES and Executive agency heads

The Senior Executive Service and Executive agency heads needs reined in. (Read More)

Zinke---can he beat a Democrat?

Will a vote for Zinke cost Montana the new House seat? Quite plausible!   (Read More)

Committee to Elect Mitch Heuer
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