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I am Prolife.

This is about one thing, this is not about Women's rights, not about commerce, not about privacy.

Men need to show up to the conversation, it is not a badge of honor to fornicate, contrary to peer pressure. Men, you are not off the hook! 

Hedonism led to the fall of Rome.

Life begins at conception (scientifically proven,,

abortion (the killing of a growing fetus/baby), in my opinion, should not be used as birth control.  

Americans have liberty under laws, property rights begin with All human bodies, murder is illegal and God commands that we shall not murder. 

The mother is the shepherd of the precious growing cargo. 

This is about saving the life of a newborn human being.

Abortion is a heated topic, some folks what full choice over the life or death of the growing human in the womb and believe they can kill the child if they choose, on the other end of the spectrum are those that say natural law should prevail and if the growing fetus will result in death to the mother, then so be it, it is natural law. 

I am prolife, to me, this means that we preserve the life of the baby every chance we get, we are shepherds over its wellbeing. Natural law does come into the conversation, as it should, however, we are human beings with a superior mind of the beasts, God gave us a brilliant mind to use! So here is my stance on abortion;

*It takes 2 to create a baby, boys and "men" are 1/2 of the conversation.

*Pro Choice is available to the 2 doing the creating, right up to the point of the egg being fertilized, from that point forward there is very little choosing left on the bargaining table, abortion is NOT birth control. Humans need to be held accountable for their choices and actions.

*Look all around you, each human you see is here because they were not aborted, including you.

*God commands that we shall not murder, ending the life of a fetus is murder, there is no debate, any science professional cannot deny it, there will be those that will try to manipulate this fact.

*Natural law says abortions do not happen in nature, no beasts have abortions, so why should Humans? Because we are superior to the beast, our God given brain allows us decrement, our God given skills allow us to perform a plethora of surgeries; hip replacement, cataract surgery, heart surgery, etc. we were meant to fix all these ailments. So yes, of course, we can and should perform an abortion when the situation DEMANDS it. An abortion should be RARE, professional, safe, available and performed only when; the life of the mother is in jeopardy or if a woman was raped and SHE deems it necessary for her health to abort the baby, (many women that have been raped, choose to deliver the baby) and when, opps! I/she, is pregnant and I/we, do not want it, sorry you 2 you blew it, your failure to make prior and proper choices is over and it is illegal and against God to murder.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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