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Article V Constitution Convention

I am highly advocating for a constitutional convention by the States legislature to bypass our lame duck U.S. Congress (see my "plan" issue). Article V of the Constitution allows for the legislature of the STATES to call for (which Congress, by law, must allow) a constitutional convention where the STATES legislature can review, write amendments to the US constitution and with at least two-thirds of those states, could go around U.S. Congress. If three-fourths of the states approve and ratify amendments, they would become the law of the land without the U.S. Congress’s permission or support.

An innovative solution for;

*Term limits for all members of Congress:  Amendment draft verbiage: 

Senators shall be elected for a 4 year term by popular vote, Representatives shall be elected for a 2 year term by popular vote, all members of Congress are limited to not more than 8 years of service, any standing member that has served over 8 years upon the passing of this amendment shall be immediately retired upon this amendment's passing without any retirement benefits that are not afforded to the common enlisted military serviceman veteran. Additionally, all benefits that exceed those that are afforded to the common enlisted military serviceman veteran, will be revoked from all previous members of legislators and of past Presidents and their heirs. 

*National security: *Russia *China & consumerism *the borders & illegal residents *our Military (it needs to be feared) *education *trucking *socialism *citizen unification *trade imbalance (yes, U.S. dependence on foreign imports weakens us). Amendment draft verbiage:

writing this one is a toughy...still working on how to word it...

Threats to America and or our allies

Regarding hostile action to vulnerable countries by foreign powers. 

American consumerism moratorium? and export balance 

Our American borders shall at all times be secured against illegal trespassers and any illegal or undocumented trespasser will be immediately deported. 


*A balanced budget: Amendment draft verbiage:

An annual balanced budget shall be establish before the annual recess of congress, all members of Congress shall be sequestered in D.C. in the halls of Congress one month prior the the beginning of each year's annual recess of Congress, until such a time that a balanced budget is achieved, regardless if the annual recess date is surpassed during sequestration and without a government shutdown. 

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