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The vaccine has not been scientifically proven to prevent a person from getting Covid, therefore herd immunity is not possible and is yet another lie from our government. I do believe the vaccine has shown success in lessening the degree of symptoms. If a person is sick and contagious in anyway with any sickness, do your fellow man a favor and mask up, if a person has a weakened immune system or is at risk…mask up and protect ourself and do not impose upon others, your choices. Wearing a mask and getting a vaccine needs to be a personal choice, our military should not have been mandated to get vaccinated, Americans should not be required to get vaccinated to travel, etc. 

American medical professionals should act professionally with integrity and NOT claim that a patient died of COVID when they had an underlying health issue that they were already dying from (in spite of the monetary gains from our broken government encouraging Doctors to lie) it is more of the patient died with COVID. Here again the teaching of morals and values needs brought back to our education system and the love of money plays into it, exasperating the health care affordability crisis.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

Committee to Elect Mitch Heuer
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