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Drug problem illegal and big Pharm

The Biden administration’s policy that is handcuffing our judges and allowing for catch and release of the bad guys, is bringing crime to you in Montana, the overwhelming flow of fentanyl into America and then in to Montana is a huge problem that will affect Montanans more and more until we fix this mess.

On March 23, Blackfeet Nation declared a state of emergency after 17 overdoses and four drug-related fatalities were reported in a week's time on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Big Pharm.....Allegedly several billionaires have been made off the COVID situation, Big Pharm has raked it in, “free” vaccines were not really free to you and me, we tax payers paid them well, more of the good ole boy club form DC.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

Committee to Elect Mitch Heuer
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