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America’s next gens need to be embraced, disciplined, loved and shown the way.

A good read is the book by Cinque Henderson…”Sit down and shut up”.

Cinque lays it out well, he states “discipline can set students free” he is not talking about a beating but quite the opposite, when a teacher or parent disciplines a child they are actually showing care and love, most children will perceive this subconsciously and may not realize that they were looked after tell later in life, it is common that the toughest teachers were the most memorable and fondest.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Vocational-occupational-hands on classes need to be mandatorily taught at an early age, and throughout High School, as well as intellectual classes (math-science-history- small business administration, etc.) mandatorily taught as well. These will develop self reliance, self confidence, cross trained, well rounded, critical thinkers able to decern, thus giving the student many tools to succeed in a tough world.

Morals, values, selflessness and virtues need to be taught, as well as the pledge of allegiance recital required often developing a since of belonging and pride in who we are and we we stand for.

Education is one of the keys to many fixes for some crises facing America.

1. Mental health improvement, taught to love one another, to be nice, that we are in this together, that each student has great value..

2. Job and business marketability and options. 

3. Lower prison population.

4. Hedonism is a path to destruction, leading the individual to isolation and depression and a society to collapse, look into the fall of Rome.

5. National security; smart students will make smart decisions for the future.

6. Unification of America, if we are all on the same page we are not as divided.


Also, America might be well served by extending education for legal citizens to higher education/college with a requirement of some sort of and level of civil service (this could be Military service, as a Vista, the AmeriCorps, nursing homes, parks and recreation, etc.)  in trade for this additional education or a requirement to pay for this college education (in lieu of civil service) either by their own means or through a government student loan program.

By providing this higher education America will be investing in our next generations and doing so with the option to the student to get this education debt (monetarily) free. If the student chooses to get a government loan, that loan should be low interest loan and kept at a low rate only if the student performs in the repayment of the loan as per the original agreement and payment schedule, if the student fails to perform the interest rate will increase on a sliding scale based on performance with a cap of 30%, this will incentivize the student to be a responsible with their debt repayment. A program like this will benefit the student in many ways.

Mentors and Makers is a vision of mine---a new program of sharing and learning, where industry and elders meet eager to learn individuals, a program to teach hands on and small business management to persons that are eager to learn skills through a shadowing/apprentice/woork to learn type arrangement. 

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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