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Health care AFFORDABILITY crisis

The cost of health care was out of control before COVID.

The American education system can play a major role in helping, if our Health care professionals can receive their higher education for a lesser and reasonable amount than these professionals will not have as much debt and can then afford a lessor wage or charge less as a clinic owner.

The housing crisis plays into this crisis as well, if the cost of housing is less Doctors will not need to earn as much.

Competition will help, if there are lot more small clinics ran as small businesses competing against the big businesses of hospitals that will lower the cost of health care. Companies like mine that can build buildings rapidly with robotics and technology can partner with the new clinic owner, thus helping to lower the cost of building/owning  small clinics.

Perhaps another small business model could be to offer a mobile health care service tied to a professional network with oversight, by eliminating the cost of a building the cost of a mobile service should be less….just a thought.

An idea to bring both preventive and interventive health care to the personal level for individuals and their physicians.

I would Introduce legislation to spur competition. Competition will help bring costs down, America is suffering from a health care affordability crisis. One thought I have is community/local COOP clinics, if there were many small clinics placed throughout the United States ran by community and cooperative members, I believe that the cost of healthcare would be less.

These small clinics could be built with robotics and new construction methods keeping construction costs low and the property and real estate could be deed restricted to keep it from gaining equity thus ensuring it stays in the affordable property, eliminating the risk for profiteering as well as for low property taxes.

Also, America might be well served by extending education for legal citizens to higher education with a requirement of some sort of and level of civil service in trade for this additional education or a requirement to pay for this college education (in lieu of civil service) either by their own means or through a government student loan program.

By providing this higher education America will be investing in our next generations and doing so with the option to the student to get this education debt (monetarily) free. If the student chooses to get a government loan, that loan should be low interest loan and kept at a low rate only if the student performs in the repayment of the loan as per the original agreement and payment schedule, if the student fails to perform the interest rate will increase on a sliding scale based on performance with a cap of 30%, this will incentivize the student to be a responsible with their debt repayment. A program like this will benefit the student in many ways.

A program like this would go a long way towards helping with the healthcare affordability crisis facing America part of that crisis is due to the high cost of education for medical workers and doctors. By reducing education costs doctors and medical providers will be able to charge less for their services.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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