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Inflation erodes the value of our dollar, pushes the American dream of home ownership and a decent automobile further away from our youth and working class.

Not an overnight fix: Bringing inflation down in a healthy way would be to greatly slow American consumption

An overnight fix: a recession/depression would reduce inflation but who wants that? not good for We the peeps, but good for the upper class/elites to buy up more monopoly real estate and thus exasperating the inadequate housing crisis and pushing the American dream of home ownership further away from our children, grand children and Americas next generation.

Heightened shopping and buying goods fuel the problem, Americans might consider to slow their buying down and perhaps focus on learning and teaching a new skill to make things for themselves and for trade, this will help turn us into a global producer, self-reliant as individuals and as a nation and more recession resistant, thus helping American in many of my other issues listed here on my website.

Education, by revamping our national education system to include the teaching of occupational, vocational and business management this over time create well rounded next generation American citizens. 

So you see I believe that We the peoples can have some say/action in the matter.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

Committee to Elect Mitch Heuer
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