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My Plan A

We the people have a choice;   

1. Fight now with your voice or…. 2. Be invaded by a foe (like Ukraine is now) and fight with your hands and firearms. "Those who close their eyes to the dangers of the present, are condemned to die in the dark" (Santayana).

To get what you want, the fixing of our government, do these action steps;

*read this*understand it*print the note*share with your network*SHOW UP to your State legislature*call your elected state legislators, email & write them letters & demand the following action from your STATE legislature*repeat, (sample letter attached). Time is of the essence.

This is a quest is to clear out the corruption and ineptness in our U.S. Congress, renew the seats with a few good men/women and get to work fixing the vast number of issues plaguing America.

We the people have a problem, an ongoing problem. Our U.S. Congress has proven itself woefully inept. We have heard "drain the swamp" (rid our congress of the corrupt members) and "get elected, make a difference". Yet what ACTIONs have you seen to actually drain the swamp? How many good newly elected Congressmen/women will it take to tip the scale from an entitled/corrupt Congress, to a we the people serving Congress?

We have experienced decade after decade of result-less U.S. Congress, perpetuating the crises that we now see facing America. There are 535 members of Congress, so how many newly elected members to Congress will it take to turn the tide and get our Congress functional? The answer is, it will take too many, more than the number of seats that are up for election or re-election, which is a reoccurring situation every election cycle.

The American system is a Federalist system. The Constitution distributes power between the federal government and the state government, codified in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. 

Ok great! So now what? The answer to that question is, innovative and engineered action steps to a desired result, that being of a new U.S. Congress.


How? The answer is YOU, the We the Peoples. We the people have the power over the State legislators and the Judicial branch. The state legislature has the power to flank the U.S. Congress. So, with a grassroots effort we the people can be the ones to drain the swamp by using a tool within the Constitution. Specifically, Article V of the Constitution, by a Constitutional Convention of the 50 states of America (3/4 required) you, we the peoples, demanding action of our state legislators to make 1 new Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The 17th Amendment was nearly a result of such a Constitutional Convention, when the Article V movement was just one state shy of the needed majority to force a convention, U.S. Congress bowed to the pressure and proposed the 17th amendment which was ratified. So, you see, we the people can drain the swamp by introducing and demanding ratification of the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution of the United States.

Copy, or copy and paste from my website, cut out, fill in and send to all your state legislators


Dear ____________________________________                                               Date____________________

                  Your state legislator’s name


As one of your constituents, I am hereby demanding of you to call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution of the United States of America with one and only one new amendment, as provided by Article V of the Constitution, the Amendment should read as follows:

The 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution of the United States: Term limits for all members of Congress: 

  1. Senators shall be elected for a 4-year term by popular vote. Representatives shall be elected for a 2-year term by popular vote. All members of Congress are limited to not more than 8 years of service.
  2. The heads of all Federal agencies and of the SES (Senior Executive Services) shall be limited to an 8-year term.

Standing members or department heads that have served over 8 years upon the passing of this amendment shall be immediately retired without any retirement benefits that are not afforded to the common enlisted military serviceman or veteran. Additionally, all benefits that exceed those that are afforded to the common enlisted military serviceman or veteran, will be revoked from all the remaining and previous members of legislature, of past Presidents, department heads and from all heirs including all Congressional or Presidential heirs. 

Thank you,



Once we have a renewed U.S. Congress, they can get busy fixing these issues, (I am ready to serve you and Montana in our renewed U.S. Congress);

Ukraine and other genocides, Russia, China, national security, border security, Inflation, our wars (we are at war, we need to act like it) on; Southern border invasion, communism, terrorism, Islam, China, Russia, corrupt U.S. Congress (stay vigilant), American education system, NATO's ineptness, etc.



Committee to Elect Mitch Heuer
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