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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Biden administration should have seen this coming and taken appropriate action, (including what I mention above), instead of leaving America in a reaction mode. With good conscious I do not believe America can stand by and watch/tolerate the attack and targeting of children and residents in Ukraine and we only impose sanctions.

America’s sanctions and support to Ukraine with suppling defensive weapons already confirms the fact that America is at odds with Russia, most likely we will be drawn into this sooner than later.

My first move here will be to consult with America’s Military and intelligence agency leaders, with that being said and not having current access to those leaders, here is my best effort in creating what action I see as appropriate to the situation in Ukraine now;

I would advocate for Ukraine to commit to democracy and whatever else necessary to convince all the members of NATO and join NATO, thus earning NATO’s military assistance.

If that fails then, America needs to inform Russia that we will not stand by and watch Russia bully and slaughter the innocent residents and children of Ukraine,  that America is currently making Military preparations to intervein, rest assured that if Russia continues with its war on Ukraine, America will take on this endeavor to protect the innocent, much the same as Sherman did when he conquered the South during the American Civil war, unless Russia pulls back and stops all attacks. Hopefully taking a strong stance is all that it will take, if not then we advance to within striking distance and then…….

NATO might continue hesitating to let Ukraine in NATO, regardless the 1994 Budapest Memorandum gave assurances (not promises..I guess it was a pinky promise?) to Ukraine protecting them against Russia from threatening and using military force against Ukraine, Ukraine gave up its Nuclear weapons to get this pinky promise.

Wake up call…Americans need to realize that if Russia is allowed to succeed in squashing Ukraine they will be impowered and they most likely will want more and more power..who will be next? History and common sense present the future, same poo as what the world seen with WWII.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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