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School mass shootings

The mass shooting crisis has been going on for a long time and it continues to happen in our schools.

I find mass shootings in our schools extremely appalling.

My engineering company is creating a school protection program that includes;

Defensive tool patent number US 10,066,889 B2

  • žForemost: No active shooters
    • —Determent-Determent-Determent
    • —Detection
  • žSecondary: Extremely quick and effective response to end an active shooter
    • —By a protector in the fray
    • —Quickly followed by more protectors rapidly responding from our program/system
  • žAssessment of schools and a comprehensive securing of the premises plan will be created.
  • žSecure and harden the facility as per assessment.
  • žAction…………………..
  • žMeans of Determent and Detection
  • žNew and better defensive devices, training, technology, innovation, engineering, patents and mental health, science all in a holistic and comprehensive program.
  • žInnovative funding model
  • žHire, place and retain security protector personnel
  • žNew innovative defensive devices and equipment
  • žSmart technology-Computer Science-IT-rapid response by protectors
  • žMental health program
  • žEndowment funding (sustainability in perpetuity)
  • žAnother level of determent is in of the ambiguity by design of who in the premises being protected by the protection program is actually carrying or has access to a defensive device and is a trained participant in the protection program.


This is just one example of a possible solution; the point here is to push forward with a plan to protect our school children without making them feel that they are in a military state. I personally know of children that feel like they are forgotten and are at risk.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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