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The American Dream of home ownership

It is my experience with the younger generations, the Millennials and the Gen Xers that they fear the American dream of home ownership is not going to happen for them, they are despondent.

My Engineering company and my home building company has created viable solutions to the housing crisis and is currently setting up to get to scale, all my three solutions incorporate technology, robotics and non-conventional building materials, we can actually “grow” some of our building materials, my homes are green with a reduced carbon footprint;

1) Portable Rapid Home Building Factory.

The portable rapid home building factory is my solution to drastically reduce home building construction costs in sub-divisions.



2) WHIMBY Program.

WHIMBY is an acronym for Workforce Housing In My Backyard where we aim to help the shortage of housing for the workforce in destination towns utilizing unconventional and recycled materials allowing for an affordable and quality made product. WHIMBY homes are designed for first time home owners, they are expandable with add on plug and play sections, they are built to the current site built home standards, they are built with post-consumer products or they can be “grown”, they have a green house on the roof, they are easily relocatable yet they comply with local building requirements to be built on a permanent foundation, they come with a fair amount of equity in value and an amicable agreement in place to keep the homes in the workforce, they continue to earn equity over their lifespan (100 yrs plus), they have low energy bills, they are not a manufactured home nor are they a tiny home. These homes are built in an offsite factory setting by dealers throughout the nation, establishing a de-centralized manufacturing network that help keep costs down and not burdening the transportation industry. This program creates hundreds of dealer/small business men and women partners, jobs and thousands of quality homes.

3) Micromanufacturing Plants.

Post natural disaster home rebuilding solution on a large scale with recycled materials that can be performed on site. My companies show the indigenous people that have the need to rebuild, teaching them home building and small business ownership skills as they rebuild

This is just an example of a possible solution; the point here is for America to push forward with innovation and a plan to help our youth and any other citizen with a fundamental need of housing…WITHOUT giving it to them.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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