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We the people-get involved!

Here are a few ideas that I have for the average American to do, to help dig our country out of many those things that need fixing.

*Impeach Biden; lobby your representatives to impeach Joe Biden on the charge of treason as he is stealing from American tax payers to feed/babysit/care for/buy votes, etc. ILLGAL trespassers or the charge of putting America in harms way by allowing for the broken border and the influx of terrorists, illegal drugs and criminals.

*STOP buying goods. By slowing down consumption this will help reduce inflation. Americans might consider to slow their buying down and perhaps focus on learning and teaching a new skill to make things for themselves and for trade, this will help turn us into a global producer, self-reliant as individuals and as a nation and more recession resistant, thus helping American in many of my other issues listed here on my website.

*Makers: START making stuff, American needs to become a nation of makers, a multifaceted solution to many issues with many benefits to many Americans. some of those benefits; self reliant , confidence, self actualization, pride, strength; individually and national, better mental health, better pay, American exports up/imports down, not funding the China war machine (see my issue on China!).

*Education: by revamping our national education system to include the teaching of occupational, vocational and business management this, over time, will create well rounded next generation American citizens and small business owners. Small business is the backbone of America, the more small business in many sectors will vastly strengthen individuals and our nation.

*Mentor/teach: be part of the solution by mentoring and teaching your fellow American what you know. Create your own small business or be a volunteer to teach your skills. Let's get our next gens into becoming "makers" the more one knows the less one needs. 

*Church: churches can be a great place to establish a mentor program, you have the people, both the teachers and the students (of all ages). LeDoux it!

*PACs: reach out to PACs and lobby them to help fund and push for a Constitutional Convention to have the STATES legislature amend the Constitution.

*Vote: vote, encourage others to vote and volunteer to be a watchdog on our election process, vote out all those legislators that oppose American national security.

*Run: run for office at any level to help rid both state and federal bodies of legislature of ineffective quasi leaders.

*STATE legislators: Reach out to your STATE legislators and Governors; lobby them to agree to call for, attend and vote in a few new Constitutional Amendments...see my Constitutional Convention issue, copy and paste my proposed amendments and present them to all STATE legislators nationwide.

*Yard signs: reach out to me and get my signage in your yards.

*Network: ask those in your network to do all the things that I mention.

So you see I believe that "we the peoples" can have some say/action in the matter.

We’ve seen enough, now let’s fix it!

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