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We've seen enough, now let's fix it.


I have been a builder, project manager, teacher, innovator, problem solver, businessman, leader, entrepreneur, mechanical minded and forward thinking- fix it kind of guy all my adult life. 

I have designed a solid plan to fix and to United America, see 'My Plan A" on my issues page.

I take a systematic approach to reach a desired solution in near everything I endeavor to do. I am a leader. 

I own an engineering company doing research and development; currently engineering solutions for; the housing crisis, the mass shooting crisis and for the transportation and commuting problems in America. 

I am a General Contractor, custom home builder and a Factory home dealer. I have had a CDL driver's license for 30 years, working in trucking, including as a heavy tow operator, I am a proficient welder and excavation equipment operator. I am boots on the ground, calloused handed and CEO.

I am also an artist blacksmith, I am learning CAD and G code, currently developing a workforce housing startup business for US towns with a showcase coming to Whitefish Montana this summer, continuing on to other major cities this Fall and Winter with a finale in New York. 

I earned an associate’s degree in applied science, I hold one patent, I am also a retired volunteer firefighter/EMT and a Realtor;  Kelly Right Realty, Montana -LIC-62722. 

I am both Blue Collar and White collar/CEO, experienced in both hands on and the business/office/management side of things. I am in touch with what is actually happening and what is required in the field, I daily work out solutions to a variety of micro and sometimes macro issues, often anticipating the issue before it arises in a proactive preventative style. I operate on the systems of PPPPPPP prior, proper, planning, prevent, piss, poor, performance and that of the I.C.S., Incident Command System. 

I have started several successful small businesses. I started the nonprofit for housing solutions... International Home Relief. I have taught natural home building for an affordable housing non-profit, delivering results on time. 

What DC needs is new servants with new perspectives, creating engineered paths to the solutions, and some common-sense leadership. The power of ideas are transformational…what America needs…NOW!

Once elected I will write constitutional bills & present them to the House, representing you, my Montana constituents.

I've also experienced being flat broke and homeless. 

I am not a politician or from the establishment..the DC establishment crisis .

I am experienced in; Engineering, project management, construction, fabrication and mechanics, all of which require extreme attention to detail and sequential steps to complete successful projects, acknowledging that deviation from proper sequence results in failure. 

Ask those that know me best and you will that I care deeply for America, that I am anything but lazy and that I am consistent. I believe that I offer such a needed, different skill set and approach to work hard and achieve dramatic positive results to the crisis facing America. I operate on enough talk and then get to the action part to realize the desired outcomes, purging DC of waste, corruption and instilling unity the American people.

In addition to my quest to help Montana and America, my top 4 passions are to implement great solutions for:

  1. The housing crisis,
  2. the mass shooting crisis,
  3. to improve transportation, trucking, commuting and traffic congestion
  4. to help our younger generations reach self is self-actualization. 

Let me elaborate further on my solutions for housing crisis as my passion is influenced by my desire to see the younger generations achieve the American dream of homeownership.

My solution has three aspects: 

1) Portable Rapid Home Building Factory

The portable rapid home building factory is a solution to drastically reduce home building construction costs in sub-divisions. 

2) WHIMBY Program

WHIMBY is an acronym for Workforce Housing In My Backyard where we aim to help the shortage of housing for the workforce in destination towns utilizing unconventional and recycled materials allowing for an affordable and quality made product. 

3) Micromanufacturing Plants

Post disaster home rebuilding solution on a large scale with recycled materials that can be performed on site.

I grew up in a Christian home, was disciplined to learn morals, virtues, a solid work ethic and to love one another. 

I am prototyping my mass shooting solution and home defense devices and systems.

My web sites; 

I was enrolled in the ROTC during high school, competing on the rifle team. I believe in a strong Military presence, with brinkmanship alone preventing a large percentage of potential foreign affair difficulties. 

I enjoy; rodeo, rugby, rock climbing, mountain biking, telemark skiing, dirt biking, boating, fly fishing, etc.

See my "Plan A" on my issues page for my vision once elected to Congress to get started FIXING the most pressing issues facing America.


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